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Our Programs

Yoga offers a powerful solution for every facet of life – from physical wellness to emotional wellbeing. Yoga has been scientifically proven to promote a stronger, more flexible body, reduce stress, and increase social connectedness.

The YTOB Foundation believes that thriving and happy communities are the result of the happiness and health of each community member. When individuals take their personal happiness and health into action; the self-empowerment one gains spreads into respect for others resulting in a community where we all positively impact each other. We are dedicated to transforming our community by investing in individuals and yoga teachers by providing an opportunity for those who seek support from a balanced lifestyle through meditation and yoga.

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is the ideal business model to “keeping local local” by circulating donations among individual commUNITY members practicing in locally-owned small businesses. The YTOB Foundation truly believes this concept is the embodiment of the yoga philosophy through service (Seva) yoking (Yoga) individuals and our overall commUNITY. The overarching goal is the money collected through donations will be awarded to individuals and yoga teachers seeking self-improvement through the practice of yoga; in turn, supporting the viability of locally-owned yoga studios.

The YTOB Foundation has developed a simple, yet powerful model to support our mission and vision and is organized as described below:

Individual Yoga Scholarships

Providing 12-week scholarships to individual community members who are curious about yoga, have had yoga recommended to them by friends or a health care provider, or are currently without the financial resources to support their ongoing yoga practice. The YTOB Foundation is honored and poised to be an Accountability Partner to members of our commUNITY and support each other’s journey to self-improvement.


Yoga Teacher Continuing Education Grants

Provide grants for continuing education to yoga teachers established in the path of yoga and teaching to our commUNITY members. Our yoga commUNITY is only as good as the education and practice of our local teachers. Yoga teachers are dedicated and passionate individuals who thrive in educating and giving back through heart, passion, and intellect.


Yoga Studio Partnerships

The YTOB Foundation will actively partner with local studios throughout the region. Scholarship awardees will get to select which partnering studio they’d like to attend, resulting in the chosen yoga studio to receive the scholarship funding. We invite your studio to partner with us.

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